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    Default 10" Sub for Mustang Convertible

    I need to build a sealed enclosure for a Polk Audio MM2104 10" sub out of 3/4 MDF board with .66 cf to fit into the trunk of my mustang convertible and could use some advice.

    The sub box will be centered (left / right) in the trunk up against the front wall (behind rear seat) and fire towards the rear of the car. The convertible top boot area creates a challenge preventing the box from being a rectangle

    The back of the box cannot exceed 7" leaving 5.5" of inside measurement after subtracting the 1.5" of MDF board.

    The front of the box (with a 9 1/8 cutout for the sub) will be 12.5" leaving 11" of inside measurement.

    The depth of the box will be 9" leaving 7.5" of inside measurement.

    The box can be as wide (up to 34") as I need it to make the .66 cubic foot space.

    The top of the box will slope from the 11" front inside measurement to the 5.5" rear inside measurement at approximately 45 degree angle.

    Question #1: Is a 11" front with a 9 1/16" cutout large enough to mount a 10" sub (I can't find specs on the outer diameter of the MM2104 and don't know if a 10" sub means 10" outer diameter or 10" cone?

    Question #2: Will I have any internal clearance problems with the sub as the top of the box slopes from the 11" front to 5.5" back at a 45 degree angle ? I wouldn't think so given the 9 1/16 " cut out the 2" magnet and the 5 3/4" depth of the sub ?

    Question #3: To calculate the .66 cf of internal space for the box I started by creating a .88 cf box 11" h x 18.5" w x 7.5" deep or 1526 cubic inches then substracted 25% since the front of the box will be 11" and the back will by 5.5". Is this math correct ?

    Thanks for the help...Chris

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    If you plan on using 3/4 inch MDF then there will be just enough
    clearance for the struts on the basket to clear the opening.

    The formula for a wedge style enclosure is D1 + D2, divide by 2, then multiply width x height and divide by 1728. Don't forget to subtract 1.5 inches from each dimension to compensate for the thickness of the MDF.


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