Got it yesterday to replace my Sony NS500V DVD/SACD player. I was looking for a progressive scan player to use with my new HDTV monitor.

DVD2200 is just released and is pretty similar to DVD2900. The differences are relatively smaller power supply, Different Audio DAC (PCM 1790 instead of PCM 1792 of DVD2900). and regular power cable (DVD2900 has IEC power cable). The video DAC and progressive scan processor are the same in both units. DVD 2200 weighs 7 pounds less then DVD2900. MSRP is $630, I was able to get at 10% discount of normal street price of 599.

I hooked it up last night and used it for couple of hours without much calibration. The picture quality is great straight out of the box. I watched some sequences of Monsters Inc. The image is very sharp and almost 3D. The sense of depth really amazed me and it is so much better then all the Sony Players I have used before. The overall picture is smooth without any artifacts (no chrome bug either).

I then put in the Telarc Sampler SACD after doing just the basic calibration of size and distance. The sound quality really shook me by surprise. I am very fimiliar with the first 4 tracks on that SACD and used to listen them a lot using the old player. They just sounded so much better then before. The instruments has very well defined edges, there is a sense of depth in HF response, the overall sonic picture is much more calm with smooth images of instruments all around me. I then played Diana Krall's "The Look of Love" SACD and ending up listening to the title song for 6 times repeatedly(thatís when wife put on that look on her face).

I have not tested DVD-Audio as yet as I donít have DVDA disc yet. The Redbook CD performance is OK, and is pretty similar to my old DVD player. Although I was expecting it to be much better.

Overall this seems to be a wonderful player at a very reasonable price and performance matching to higher end players. Definitely worth a look for anyone looking for a quality mid priced player.