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    Default Is the DB651 the right choice?

    I'm assembling components for the cabin (inside) of my 26ft cuddy cabin boat. It's an old-school Formula, so the cabin is quite large (13ft long). I have a Cadence F100-5 amp that will drive these "front two channels" with 100WRMS into 4 ohms or 150WRMS into 2 ohms. I will install two sets (four speakers) of 6.5" 4 ohm speakers in the cabin, so the amp will be seeing somewhere near 2 ohms (I'm running true 12ga speaker wire from amp to speakers). My question is, how careful will I have to be if I install DB651 speakers? I listen mainly to rock and pop (no rap or hip-hop) at medium sound levels, but occasionally crank it up when the wife's not around I already have a set of Lanzar Opti 6.5 components that handle 150WRMS, but I want to get another sound from a different set of speakers to help balance things out (the Lanzars seem a bit reserved in the midrange but stout in high bass and tweeter frequencies). If the DB651 saw 100W of "clean power" for a few minutes, would that be too much for it to handle? I will have my amp crossover set to only allow frequencies above 150Hz (or so) to go to these speakers. I was also looking at the MM speakers, but they're more than I want to spend, and I read some reviews that indicated they are not as "natural sounding" as the DB speakers. As a side note, the rear channels of the amp will drive four speakers in the cockpit (outside) and the fifth channel (350WRMS into 2 ohms) will drive a 10 or 12" sub in a shallow enclosure mounted under the cabin entry step. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Keep in mind that I want to stay below $80 for the set. I have been eyeing the popular Hifonics 6.5" component set that's rated at 100WRMS, but I'm not convinced that the sound quality will be comparable to the Polk coaxial units.

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    I would recommend that you get the polk MM651's from for $120. These will handle the power fine. The DB is just a cheap poly cone while the MM is a glass hybrid cone = better. Also the MM comes with a much better crossover.

    Although you have 150W RMS available you would only be using this by maxing out the system. If you listen to your system -3db of max your power drops by half to 75W.
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    Yeah the DB's are great entry level speaker but there still "entry level". The MM's are much better.
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