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Thread: Gallo Ref 3

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    Default Gallo Ref 3

    I have an opportunity to pick a pair of these up for $1,100. The aren't the 3.1's, they're the original 3. I was wondering what your thoughts are on them. It's a lot of coin and it would take selling off a few things but these have always peaked my interest.

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    With or without the SA amp? Definitely worth it with the amp- I upgraded the 3.0's to 3.1's and have had them for quite some time. I'm not saying they're my last speakers- but I've been happy for 4-5 years.

    The bottom end is a little thin without the amp, so you're going to want that eventually- if they don't come with it. You don't need their amp exactly- just a sub crossover and any competent amp will do. Anyhow-pm if you want to talk more or have some questions

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