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    Default looking fer speaker match

    I have an old sansui au 717. I think it is rated at 80 wpc, not sure don't have paperwork. I am looking fer a good set of speakers fer it and am confused as to how Polk rates amp power for speakers. Lets face it, a range of 20-300 watts is a big spread. I would like to try the rti7 but don't know if my amp is up to it. What guide lines sould I be a looking for in looking over the choices ???

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    FYI paperwork says 85 wpc 8 ohms.

    Sorry, you're going to have to magnify it to read it.

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    Yes the Sansui Au-717 puts out 85 Watts per channel on paper. Bench tested it puts out a lot more....over 125 RMS. I have that same amp for my 2 channel system. It will drive those RTiA7's no problem at all, and it has plenty of headroom. The 717 is a mono block design with seperate power supplies for each channel. You can also use it as a seperate Power Amp and Pre Amp if you want ( It has a switch on the back for this function ) In todays dollars the 717 would cost $2000 so its a quality amp. I run mine normally with the volume dial set between 8 & 9 o'clock or lower and its Loud at that volume. A lot more in reserve though !
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