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    Default Harmony RF extender question

    Alright, quick question to anyone using the harmony 1000 or another harmony that allows for the RF extender. I plan to buy a harmony 1000 for a great price on craigslist and was wondering if this could be a critical link towards a whole home audio system. Does this thing have enough range (yes i know it says 100 feet) to work from floor to floor inside of a house? For instance, with the RF extender plugged into my system upstairs could I control the entire thing from the kitchen? I'd love to be able to do this for a few reasons. I'd be able to control music and my squeezebox from the other floor and if I got a 2nd squeezebox, run them together on my two systems to get the same music in each room.

    Any thoughts or other experience with the RF extender?
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    I thought it was "extended" as in you could use the cabled IR repeaters to control stuff from inside of a closed space? I had the Harmony One

    Or do the Harmony's truely support RF?
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    The way it works is there is a little box that the remote controls via RF. The box lives somewhere in range of your audio gear and shoots IR signals at it.

    The Monster AVL-300 comes with an RF extender (they call it Omnilink). I would have to go outside the house to break its range. Granted I have a small house, but I can be on the opposite side and still have no problems controlling it. Should be plenty strong enough to go through a floor.

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