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Thread: DSW Pro 660wi

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    Default DSW Pro 660wi

    About two months ago I bought an entire Polk system including a DSW Pro 660wi.

    It is directly connected to a Marantz SR7005 (via the RCA Subwoofer out).

    My issue is that the 660 likes to go to sleep during the middle of movies. It's quite irritating. In Avatar (Blu-Ray, Samsung player), I there is a scene I can play and without fail, within a 5 second or so timeslice the 660w goes to sleep. It also tends to go to sleep on PPV and AppleTV when the volume is around -1db but not when the volume is lower.

    I am unable to figure out if it is overheating, because simply unplugging the 660wi and plugging it back in will turn it back on and it will run for hours again without going to sleep.

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    That is strange I would give Polk a call.

    About the only thing I could think of is the sub being set too low in the AVR so it goes to sleep, but that doesnt sound like your problem.
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    Is the light on the back of the sub red when this happens?

    I would suggest giving Polk Customer Service a call.
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