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    Default PA D5000.5 setup questions

    Ok, it was 15 years ago when I last dealt with custom stero installations so ignore the lack knowledge here because I have forgotten a few things or they simply were not an option on the amp I used way back then compared to now.

    Everything is finally installed, minor brain fart with my F/R crossover being wired wrong and no engine noise so no filters required thank God! Needs some tips on the amplifier setup.

    Here is what I have questions about...

    1. level Control: My HU has three sets of 4 volt pre-amp outputs. How do I set the level control on the amp for the sub, the front and rear speakers? I turned it to 6V and then backed it off to what I think is around 4 volt. Can I use the voltmeter to check the signal being output on the speaker wires to get the actual voltage?

    2. SUB Sonic filter and LPF Control: I am setting this by my own intuition and what I think sounds good

    3. Full, HPF and BPF switch: I set front and rear speakers to HPF. Manual said this seeting is for midrange and tweeters. Since all four doors are DXI6500 components with crossovers I assumed this is the correct setting. Any advice would be welcomed here.

    4. Frequencies: Anyone have any recommended settings for these or should I just play with the settings until it sounds good to me. Obviously I don't want too low of a frequency going to the 6.5's since I have a woofer to handle that.

    Thanks guys for the input!

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    1. yes, you can use volt meter. Keep in mind that you only get 4v at max volume (that is if you ever do to begin with, most units don't make advertised voltage in real world use)
    2. yes but there are basic "rue of thumb" - cut you subwoofer at 50-60-80Hz. If you want sound quality (aka SQ) there is.
    3. yes, HPF is what you need in this set-up. Same as sub's crossover it shoud be somewhere in 50-60-80 range. With DXi it's probably 60-80.
    4. as i said before - 50-60-80Hz.
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    Set the gain by ear. A HU will only output 4V when running a sine wave/test tone at max output. Real music is dynamic and a HU that is rated for 4V will normally output between 1-1.5V during music. So if you were to match up the gain to 4V on the amp it will not be loud enough and the amp won't be optimized.

    1. Find out what volume the HU clips. Turn the amp gain all the way down, and then turn up the HU volume until the sound changes. What will happen is that instead of there being a nice balanced sound with lows and highs, the signal gets clipped compressing the middle together. It will sound bad at this point. My Kenwood x595 doesn't clip even at full and my last Pioneer didn't either. If you don't find the max clean volume you are not sending the amp an optimal signal.

    2. Now turn your HU to the max unclipped volume. Now slowly turn up the gain until the same clipping occurs.

    Hopefully your HU doesn't clip. If it does take it back a notch or two to where it sounds good again. Repeat on the amplifier.

    The old 3/4 volume rule on the HU is ok to use but is an old technique that isn't very good on new head units as many of them don't clip or clip very close to max volume.
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