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    Default Which Sub should i choose?

    Hey folks

    Ive had my Polk comps in now for a few weeks and im loving them!

    I was going to go with the Polk amps aswel, by a mate offered me a great deal on some Hifonics so ended up ith them.

    My question is, im now wanting to add two 10" subs.

    Should i go for the new Polk MM range, or go for the older no longer made SR DVC range?

    Ive heard that there has been issues with the SR's burning up, and with them being no longer made and me getting them imported to the UK, would they be worth getting??

    Ive not heard the newer MM range, so all comments welcome.

    Powering the SR's would not be a problem as my amp is a monster


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    The SR 104 DVC are better than the MM series for sure. The SR's are rated for 700 watts continuous and as long as you don't crank the gains at the amp or drive them at like +10 from you're HU, you're fine. I'd grab them over the MM's if you can still find them. If you can't find the SR's, the MM series by itself is a capable sub.

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    i can get the 104DVC for a really good price, but im worried that if they go wrong i may have issues with warranty as they are no longer manufactured, plus the fact that im in the UK, so have to have them shipped in, as there is no UK dealer.

    Why was the SR range disscontinued??

    Is anybody currently running the SR Subs? ive heard mixed reviews

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    I have the 12 inch MM sub and it is really good.

    Now if you have the option of going for the SR and you are willing to spend the money then go for it. The MM is a nice solid mid-level sub. The SR is just a step above, it would be in the JLW6 area SQ wise.

    Many people out there don't have subs in the right boxes and on top of that don't know a thing about tuning or where to cross a sub. If you cross your sub properly as you should stay in the 50-63Hz region with a steep filter, how much difference are really going to hear sub to sub?

    I view the sub as the last piece to worry about in the system because it is only playing the bottom 1.5 octaves anyway. Everyone should worry more about where the majority of sound comes from with the mids and tweeters.

    If you truly want good bass, then you need to run good midbass drivers like the MM6501 or the SR6500. Without midbass, you turn up the sub and it gets messy no matter how good the sub is.
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