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Thread: psw505

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    Default psw505

    how do i hook up 2 psw505's and how should i place them so they dont sound out of phase?

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    If you have a sigle sub line out (.1) Then I would run a sub cable over to a stacked set facing the same direction connecting the two with Y splitter.

    If you have .2 LFE then you could seperate them but thats a little more difficult in terms of calibration and placement.

    PS do you already own 2 PSW505's? If not I would look at getting a single High Quality sub instead. My HSU will smoke 2 PSW505's in my opinion. The advantage of two subs is typically higher db and if their spread out better coverage of room nulls (bass holes). In your case 2 PSW505's still are not going to help get tighter, deeper, cleaner bass. Honestly it will just make the bass louder.

    All in my opinion. Some of the smarter guys should chime in.
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