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    Default Question about Polk MM1040

    I just purchased a a couple of subwoofers from a retail store, MM1040's and am really excited to get them in the mail! But, I think I might of made a bad impulse buy also.. I bought a Crunch GPV2100.1 mono amp.. I wanted to get a Polk to go with, but the amps are a little outta my price range.. Either way, the Crunch is 2100 watts max, and im just worried for the care of my Polks, I don't want to over power them, the last thing I want would be my precious subs hurt.. So, does anyone know if running these subs with this amp will blow my subs? Is there an amp that pairs really good with the Polks, that wont kill my pocket?

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    You will get better help in "car audio" section of the forum.

    Either way - MAX wattage means nothing, look at RMS wattage.
    Another thing that's important here is what kind of MM1040s you got - single voice coil or dual voice coil (SVC, DVC).
    Also please list how many watts (RMS) your amp is putting out at what Ohms. It is listed on you amp's specs I'm sure and all this plays a big part in answerign your question.
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