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    Smile Choosing speakers

    Which has the best sound quality dxi 6500 component or dxi 690 6x9s speakers am having a hard time choosing i will be running 75 watts rms to them?

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    What sounds best to you? That's all that matters.

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    I would say: If it's for front speakers, grab a pair of component. It offers better clarity, the tweeter is at ear level, which recalls what you could have in a home hi-fi system.

    6x9 are mostly made for the rear of the vehicle, at least, IMO.

    However, how we perceive sound is subjective; a good pair of components may sound harsh to you, and sound heavenly to another one. You gotta try, and return the pair if you don't like the sound. Don't get used to a sound you don't like on the first listening. Sure, you'll be able to "get used to", but it would probably never sound good to your ears.
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