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    Default Got those pesky scratches on black speakers? Forget the sharpie

    Try a dry erase marker. I've used sharpies in the past but my biggest complaint is that it leaves the sharpie on the actual finish. I just touched up some speakers with a black dry erase marker and the results were much nicer. It filled in all the scratches and was easily wiped away from the "good surfaces".

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    very true. I used a dry erase on my dark colored tv stand. wiped on, let dry for about 30 seconds and wiped off. It just filled the scratch and made it much less noticable
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    I experimented around and now use a Birchwood Casey satin black paint pen on my black veneer Polks. You have to look pretty hard to see any touch-up, even in direct light. You can even use it to go over any Sharpie touch-ups you may have made earlier.

    I never tried a dry erase though. Sounds like it would be better than a Sharpie too though.
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