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Thread: Generation Kill

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    Default Generation Kill

    We're pretty big fans of war films/documentaries around here, so how we missed this HBO mini-series that came out in 2008 is beyond me.

    Our standard is: Band of Brothers is a "10"; "Pacific" rates, in our opinion, a "7.5". That could be because it's hard not to compare those two with each other, and comparing almost anything with BOB will suffer by comparison.

    Almost anything.

    "Generation Kill" is very different and very similar to BOB at the same time.
    It draws you in, with very realistic dialogue and characters. 2 actors in the series were actually in 1st Recon Marines and do a fine job of "non-acting". Great storyline that touches on the reality of the situation as it existed back then. It's neither, IMO, an anti-war or pro-war propaganda piece. It simply "Is".

    It passes the "Want to watch it again ?" test. Each time we pick up another piece of info/scenery/dialogue. My youngest son and I had some pretty interesting conversations while watching (and re-watching) GK. Good/bad, right/wrong, things done right and mistakes that were (might have been) made, etc.

    Verdict: Great mini-series.
    If you haven't seen it, it's worth buying/renting/streaming/stealing.

    We bought it from the local Blockbuster that's shutting down for $12. It can be bought off of Amazon for about $25

    Blu-Ray for about $30.
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    Completely agree. I actually wish they would have made it a little longer than the 7 episodes. Had a friend in Iraq during that time period and he said it was pretty spot on.

    One of the soldiers in the series was actually a soldier in that platoon....cant remember which one it was though.

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    Good series. Had this one for a while though.
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