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    Smile PSW10 blows fuse upon connection to mains even when Power Switch is 'Off'

    Hi All -

    Newbie here to the Forums.

    Back in the day (1960's) I was a respectable electronics tech but things have changed and to boot I'm in a new area - troubleshooting a PSW10 when I thought I would be listening to it.

    When I plug it in it blows the fuse even though there's no audio present and the Power Switch is set to 'Off'.

    The fuse blows so quickly that I can't find out where the short is.

    I got as far as in-curcuit testing the 4700 ufd electrolytics on the PC board. The one closer to the rectifier bridge reads 4.0 Ohms both ways and the other one reads 6.9 Ohms both ways so I'm suspicious but without a schematic or a troubleshooting guide I'm loath to dig in further to reverse engineer it.

    Can you help me?



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    Hello Bill,
    It's probably best to contact Polk's CS department at 1-800-377-7655 or email at They can determine if you are covered by the amp's three year warranty or not. They'll need to know when and where the sub was purchased. They can also help with non-warranty amp repairs, schematics, etc.
    Regards, Ken

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    Polk Customer Service is great and I am sure they will set you straight!
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