Ok i purchase a pa 880.2 i beleve any way theres two subwoofer hookups and i have never messed with polk audio before so the amp is a little new to me, on the sub hookups the polarity indicator is set up as --++ for sake of conversation we will call them 1 2 3 4 how do i know what is standard hook up and bridged hook up would i go 13 24 as standard or would that be briged?? also i have never had an amplifier with a phase switch it says 0-180 what exactly does this switch do and where should it be set i purchased this amp along with 2 12" polk 1240 750 watt max svc subwoofers i currenty only have the amp turned up 1/4 of the way and its hitting so hard im worried im going to blow these subwoofers do i have anything to be worried about? can these subs handle this amp or no??

any help or info is greatly appreciated
also is this amp one ohm stable and how many ohms does this setup run with a standard hook up

thanks again