I can't get over how great these are beginning to sound! I am finally getting enough hours on the caps to get them singing like they should. Most of the time I have been running the sealed 18" TC Sound Pro 5100 since I am a bass freak. I know I have bass issues, but I am working on them and I go to meetings twice a week.

Well, long story short, since I am finishing my basement, and along with it, finally building out my home theater properly, I decided to pull the sub and run the SRS 2s by themselves. Was I pleasantly surprised!!!

The bass from the SRS 2s was simply amazing! It wasn't shake the windows and bring down the neighbors house bass, but it was so smooth and controlled. I couldn't be happier. I am so happy that I am going to pull the sub out of the 2 channel rig! I have been missing out on so much... I will save the earth shaking bass for my home theater and keep my 2 channel rig 2 channels!

Just thought I would share. I loved them before, but I love them even more now