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    Default New member - Looking for some help with my setup involving polk speakers

    First I would like to say Hello. This is my first post here, on the Polk forums. I recently had some extra money (thank you tax returns) and decided to spend a good portion of it to upgrade my home theater which included 5 Polk speakers.

    I would also like to note that I am very amateur in this field, so I do not know a lot. I understand ohm for the most part, and after that how to hook up my stuff. After that I'm fairly clueless, so if you are willing to answer my question, please don't use to much jargon without explaining what you mean, as you will lose me fast.

    My setup includes
    1 yamaha RX-V671 receiver

    2 cherry Tsi500's. I'm sure the cherry part is not to important, but I think they look amazing in cherry and wanted to brag a little.

    1 CS10 center

    2 Cherry Lsi9's

    I am using the lsi9's as side speakers.

    Here are my questions in random order

    1. In what positions would I be best in using the tsi500's and lsi9's. Currently the tsi500 floorstanding speakers are front left/right, while the tsi's are side's as my receiver is a 7.1. What would sound the best?

    2. I recently discovered my receiver puts out 90 wpc (I'm hoping the acronym is right for watts per channel). I did not look up the tsi 500's yet, but i've read the lsi9's are 20-200 watts.

    3. This question is related to #2 The lsi's are ohm 4, where my receiver says it supports 8 ohm. Will this be a problem for me? Is their risk of damage to anything if i choose to connect the lsi9's to my receiver?

    4. If the answer is yes to damage or anything else, how should I go about solving that concern? I have looked at a Crown XLS1000 power amp. Would this suffice to solve any potential problems? Would I also need a preamp?

    I think that sums it up for me. I hope this chaos of questions is understood to someone who could help me.

    Thank you, I look forward to any help.

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    Welcome Jess. Your receiver cannot power the Lsi9s as they are 4 Ohm speakers. You could damage your receiver if you try. More bad news...some receivers have pre outs which enable you to hookup an external amplifier to your receiver. Under this configuration, the amp in you receiver is bypassed and passes control to the external amplifier. You receiver does not have pre outs as this feature is usually only available in higher end models
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    Option 1: IF you can, return the LSi9's, and get either TSi100 or 200's for your surrounds. These are a match for the rest of your speakers.
    If you can't return them, then you should have NO problem re-selling them.

    Option 2: Buy a Pioneer VSX-1121-k($499) and a seperate 2 ch. amp for ????
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    Welcome to Club Polk! It's good that you asked your questions before you actually had a problem! The responses above are leading you in the right direction. Read up, ask questions, and learn... you'll be enjoying good sound in no time.
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    Default love the lsi9's

    I have been slowly coming to the same conslusion that it would be most cost effective to simply get rid of the lsi9's for something else. They are pretty awesome. I will be sad to see them go.

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    I did get the lsi9's on amazon for 600, which included free shipping. I'm not sure if they take returns, but i feel like paying for shipping in itself would be pricey.

    Do you have any thoughts on a good way to sell them? Locally on craigslist maybe?

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