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    Default Need help with Tactile Transducer

    Newbie here. I have a Denon AVR 1312 set up as 5.1 with Polk Monitors and Polk Sub, model PSW10. I want to instal two Aura Ast Transducer Bass Shakers to my system. (under couch) I'm getting different advice on how to do this.

    On the rear of my sub is a panel for hooking up two sets of speakers.
    Can I simply connect the bass shakers to these speaker connections and share the sub's built in amp or do I need to install a separate amp to drive the two bass shakers and come off the AVR? Thanks!

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    The speaker level outputs on your sub are only active when run a speaker level signal into the speaker level inputs on the sub - it's basically a pass-thru. You would need a seperate amplifier to run your tactile transducers. I think there is a topic somewhere with a bunch of info on your sub which may help explain the inputs/outputs a bit better for you.
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    You would need a separate amp to drive the bass shakers as the speaker level outputs on the sub will not output any signal if the RCA (line-in) connectors are used.
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