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    Default Polk Audio S10 any good?

    A local Sale Polk Audio S10 floorstanders, are these a newer version of the classic monitor 10s, or something between the monitor 10s of old and the new monitor series they seem to be in good shape the guy is asking $250, are these worth a listen?

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    If anything they are closer in design to the Monitor 7 than the Monitor 10. I think the bass is boomy and not really a good 2 channel speaker. Perhaps in an HT. For $250 there are MANY better choices out there. Kepp your money. IMO, at around $125 I'd might consider a listen.

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    The S10 tends to be rather heavy in the bass department for folks who like mucho bass by design. The S6 and S8 are more natural sounding. I find my S8's very pleasing. That price is too high at $250.

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    I owned a pair of S10 speakers once, Price is waaay too high at $250, I sold a pair of mint RT1000i's for $275 locally and I see them for $300 all the time, and it's a far superior speaker.

    Not a bad speaker, but far from worth $250. I'd pay $100...even then I'd save it for something else.
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