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Thread: help !!!

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    Default help !!!

    does anyone know where to sell speakers and receivers and get good prices for them. The speakers are the floorstanding tsi 400 which are 4 months old and a denon 1912 receiver which is about 2 months old. I like them but i just want to upgrade those two main things.

    I would like to get the rti a9 or a7 and a more powerful receiver that has amp outputs
    i have a 7.1 setup
    have the csi a6 center speaker which was a great upgrade
    I have the rti a1 bookshelves as my rear surrounds and the fxi a6 for my mid surrounds and the psw 505 sub
    It all sounds amazing now especially with video games and movies so i was just wondering a few things.

    1) want the rti a7 at least very soon if no the rti a9's. that is definitely worth the upgrade right? i think it is just to keep the speakers generally all in the same class. or should i just keep the tsi 400?

    2) also if i did get those rti 7 or 9's would my current receiver (denon 1912) be good enough for that 7.1 surround sound or is it not even close to to pushing the speakers to anywhere near there potential.

    3 also if i should get a better receiver what would be perfect to get for that set up?

    4) finally if i should upgrade those front speakers and receiver where is a great place to sell these two to get the max value out of the denon 1912 and the tsi 400. or is there a place that does trades because id get polk stuff for polk stuff?

    lots of stuff here just really wondering what to do before i commit more money to make this sound amazing
    thanks for the help

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    I won't reply with quotes, as it's kinda a pain to do it and I'm tired... :P

    If you want my opinion, I wouldn't power a pair of A7 with a receiver, even a beefy one... those towers requires something like 200 watts to sound good, which can only be achieved with an external amplifier (not a receiver, which can, at best, give them 120w if it's a beefy high-end one). So you're right to look for a receiver with a pre-out to connect an external amp, but if yours already has one, I would keep it.

    The midbass drivers in the RTiA7 (those 7 inches woofers) are power hungry. While you could give them a little break by setting the crossover on your receiver to 80 Hz, setting your speakers to SMALL and sending all lower frequencies to your subwoofer, they wouldn't sound as good as they could with a higher power amplifier... so yeah, a power amp is the best way to make your speakers happy. Is it necessary? No, but if you listen at medium to high volume, there is less chance that you will damage anything.

    If you understand my point here, do not try to get a pair of A9 unless you get a good external amp as they require twice as more power! Most people running them here on Club Polk has at least 300w amplifier to make them shine in a medium room at moderate level.

    However, if you don't mind spending a little more, but don't want to break the bank, you could get a good quality external amplifier that can do something like 150 or 200 real watts (i.e. which have a lot of headroom, just in case); it would be way better than what your receiver is giving them. You can try used too...

    Just as an example at how "watts" are a marketing gimmick: I thought my 5x100w Yamaha was giving enough power to my speakers, but when I changed for my 2x50w NAD, it was another world... they sounded at least twice as loud with a minimal amount of real power used, sounded fuller at low listening volume and less congested at high volume.

    So, are the A7 an upgrade? Sure, as long as you have quality stuff to back them, otherwise, they might sound even worse than your TSi400. As for the A9, I wouldn't think about them unless you're aiming at a 250-300w amp.

    Do you need to change your receiver? No, as long as it have pre-out, keep your money as you won't use it's "amp" section anymore except for those less power hungry speakers (rear/side).

    As for the place to sell stuff, there is a place here in the forum, or you can try Craiglist.
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    It's hard to interpret your post because your post count is too low to "sell" anything on this site.

    So what is this about? Selling your gear? Or upgrading your system? Could you please clarify? Not trying to hassle you but you do need a higher post count before you try to sell things here. So why not just drop that part of your thread and we can deal with the "upgrade" questions? OK?

    And, welcome to Club Polk! Stick around for a while!

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    It's not home, the N.W. will do for now


    Hey there and as cnh says, welcome to the club! And like pyro says, if your Denon already has pre-outs, keep it and acquire a nice two, three, five or seven channel amplifier.

    That said, you can upgrade to either the A7 or A9, both are awesome speakers and which you already know, are a match for the CSiA6 and your surrounds.

    Try your local craigs list for starters to unload your TSi's. I sold my 7.1 Onkyo speaker system on CL fairly easy, the timing was right and it went for the price I asked, father and son drove 30 mi to see me and I had a demo set up and waiting for them. I played part of a CD and a couple of choice scenes from different movies and they were sold.

    Plus, if you already know someone looking for a set of speakers, your halfway there.

    Hope this and the previous posters addressed your issues and you have a starting point and or goal set.

    Keep us up to date on your progress.
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