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    Default Surroundbar 4000 Remote Programming Issue

    My Surroundbar 4000 is connected to a 46" Sony Bravia. The issue is with programming the volume, so the soundbar volume can be controlled by an RC65X DirecTV remote. No matter which volume control I program to the soundbar (vol up, vol down, mute), the remote will only perform the last function programmed (vol up or vol down).

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    Thanks for posting on Polk's forum. Most of the time you can use the TV remote to teach the SurroundBar, but a cable set top box or satellite dish remote won't work because they transmit too many control codes simultaneously. The only time a TV remote has problems is if it is a RF remote instead of an IR type. The way to test your TV remote is try to use it with a pillow in front, if your TV still responds then the remove uses RF. But if the TV doesn't respond then you should be able to use it.
    If so, the first thing to do is wipe out any instructions you've already entered. To do this, place the SB in standby mode, the LED will be amber colored. Then touch the "learn" button for two seconds, the amber LED will blink twice and go steady amber. This means the learning function is now clear and you should be able to teach the SB the TV remote's function. Then once this is done the Direct TV remote should control the SB.
    Regards, Ken

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    I have a Directv remote RC65R and it will not program to the SB4000. Will only program the first function (as mentioned above).

    I wiped out the instructions using the above directions. Tried it again, and it still doesn't work.

    Any ideas? The remote that came with it will be lost due to the tiny size of it. Any help is appreciated

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