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    Default Shunyata Triton and Ztron power cables

    Two weeks ago tomorrow I added a Shunyata Triton power conditioner, four Shunyata power cords, and a Shunyata SR-Z1 wall socket into my system. The power cords are a Python Ztron for the Triton, and three Cobra Ztrons for the SACD, DAC, and pre-amp. About a year ago I added two Shunyata Python CX power cables, one for each amp, so now everything except for the Wadia iTransport has a Shunyata power cord. The Wadia is using a Pangea AC-14SE.


    My house was built in 1958 and, to my knowledge, has the original wiring. About four years ago I upgraded my panel to a 200 amp panel, and I noticed a difference in that before the upgrade my lights would flicker when the refrigerator kicked on, or the washing machine was running. These are on different circuits. After the upgrade, the lights are solid. So, apparently a change to the power can have some type of an effect.

    However, I never really felt that a power cord could make much difference to a piece of audio gear. Around three years ago, there was a lot of discussion on this site about the Pangea power cords. Since they were very inexpensive I decided to try some, and amazingly they made a positive improvement to the sound.

    Over the last two years I have not added any new hardware, other than upgrading the Wadia iTransport from the 170 to the 171 model (lower jitter, audiophile SPDIF connector). However, over the last two years I have upgraded all my interconnects, added vibration elimination brass footers, and did three speaker cable upgrades.

    Each time the sound got better and better. I was at the point where I just could not imagine it getting any better without doing equipment upgrades.

    Unfortunately, because my house is on a concrete base, and the attic is full of HVAC ducts, it is next to impossible to run a dedicated line to my stereo. Anyway, after thinking about the house wiring, and reading reviews of the new Shunyata gear, I decided if I was going to upgrade the gear, I should get the power as clean as possible. Hence, my purchase of the Shunyata Triton and power cables.

    In the past people have said we should look at cables as another component, and I will now endorse that concept 100%. This Shunyata power upgrade has made a tremendous improvement in the sound. It is fantastic how much it improved, and I was thinking it could not get any better without new gear.


    Every aspect has improved. The background silence is black as can be. The clarity and definition with my moderate gear is amazing. I can "see" notes in the air. The edges are well defined, and the location is easy to pinpoint. The soundstage has slightly expanded vertically and horizontally. Bass is more defined, and pronounced. I mostly listen to classical string quartets, viola, cello music, and I am amazed at the low notes that are now appearing. The sound of the bow across the strings is easy to perceive, and when the violin strings are plucked they appear out blackness, hang in the air, and slowly fade away. The same thing with triangles, pianos, or anything else making a distinct sound.

    Of course, rock and Lady Gaga have also improved.

    Interestingly, a mechanical vibration noise from the transformer in each amp has gone from being audible with no music playing and being up close to the amp, to being nearly inaudible when even closer to the amp.

    If Shunyata is right about the Triton needing 200 hours to burn in then it should just be getting better and better over the next few weeks.

    The point I am trying to make here is that the new power "component" is a tremendous upgrade for me. Since I did a shotgun replacement I cannot point to any one item as giving the best/biggest improvement. However, my money is on the Triton and the power cable for the DAC as the main improvements, with the pre-amp next, and the SACD last. That is because I rarely use the SACD. The music server is the main source for my music.

    A side effect of this is that now I am debating with myself whether to skip or postpone the speaker upgrade I have been planning, and just enjoy this for another six months or a year. Decisions, decisions.

    If anyone is looking at a power upgrade I have to say go with Shunyata. They developed a method to measure power cable performance, and they use it to design their equipment. Obviously, it works.

    My iPod has never sounded better.


    iPod Classic - Apple Lossless files
    Wadia iTransport dock
    CIAudio external supply for Wadia
    Pangea AC-14SE power cord
    MIT Magnum digital cable

    Bryston BDA-1 DAC
    Shunyata Cobra Ztron power cord
    MIT Shotgun S1.3 balanced IC to pre-amp

    Sony XA-5400ES SACD/CD
    Shunyata Cobra Ztron power cord
    MIT Shotgun S1.3 balanced IC to pre-amp

    Cambridge-Audio 840E pre-amp
    Shunyata Cobra Ztron power cord
    MIT Shotgun S1.3 balanced IC to both amps

    Cambridge-Audio 840W (two) amps
    Shunyata Python CX power cords
    Shunyata Anaconda Ztron 8? speaker cables

    Shunyata Triton power conditioner
    Shunyata Python Ztron power cable to wall
    Shunyata SR-Z1 wall socket

    PSB Synchrony One towers
    Mapleshade 4" maple speaker supports

    Mapleshade Micropoint brass footers under all gear

    Click image for larger version

Name:	TritonF.JPG
Views:	181
Size:	474.8 KB
ID:	67779Click image for larger version

Name:	Cords1.jpg
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Size:	394.5 KB
ID:	67780Click image for larger version

Name:	Gear1.jpg
Views:	268
Size:	226.4 KB
ID:	67781Click image for larger version

Name:	iPod1.JPG
Views:	212
Size:	493.6 KB
ID:	67782Click image for larger version

Name:	Python1.JPG
Views:	194
Size:	489.8 KB
ID:	67783Click image for larger version

Name:	TritonB.jpg
Views:	216
Size:	282.8 KB
ID:	67784
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    Very, very nice write up. I've had similar results with PC upgrades, more people should give them a shot.

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