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    Default Building a home audio system- Need advice!

    I am currently helping my parents build a home audio system. Basically, we want to essentially put what would normally be a floor-standing speaker into the wall above a bookcase, then put some in ceiling speakers throughout the main level of their home, all running off of a speaker selector. The problem is that I have not seen a prefabricated speaker set that fits the area we are looking for. We want to build our own cabinet to fit and match what is existing, but I don't know where to buy only the speakers, the airspace requirements, etc. I'm pretty handy, and I worked in a car audio install bay for a few years, so I'm comfortable with the build and the wiring, just don't know where to get the speakers, grille cloth, etc. Can anyone help?

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    Speakers designed to be free standing are not likely to do well when put into a wall. Better to select a speaker designed for that purpose--I assume that one intended for ceiling installation could be put into a wall.

    If you really want to build your own, have a look at:
    maybe someone there has created such a speaker.

    For speaker design theory and modeling software, I recommend Martin King's site:
    His MathCAD worksheets ($25) will run under the free MathCAD Explorer program.

    Cheers, Jim
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    Why not get in-walls with an enclosure?
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    I think I need to clarify... I want to buy the drivers only and I'll set them into a custom built enclosure that sits in the wall... Of all the ceiling/wall speakers I've seen, they either don't produce the sound I'm looking for or they don't fit my parameters or both- that and my parents are looking for a very specific look that I cannot find anywhere.

    So, to the original question- Is it possible to buy drivers only in a good, well known, highly rated brand such as Polk, cause I refuse to put Radio Shack speakers into a custom install. :)

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    For raw drivers, try going to Parts Express. They are highly recommended and you can find drivers at many price points and most all other parts and pieces needed too.

    Just remember that it takes some knowledge and experience to put together drivers and cross them over and get good results.


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