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    Default phono Preamp or preamp dominant in line?

    I'm looking at upgrading my phono pre to a tube but i wonder if it makes that much difference when it gets fed into a tube pre.
    Which one really dominates what comes out of the speakers?The phono pre sound or the preamp sound?
    I have a nice tube pre so does it help to have the phono as tube or will it be cancelled out?

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    If your Phono Pre is tubey sounding and your Pre is tubey sounding then it may matter but if your pre is neutral and your phono pre is tubey I suspect the phono pre sound will carry over to preamp.

    I have a tube pre and phono but neither are overly tubey sounding.

    With your very nice preamp I suspect you would want a phono preamp that will be neutral as possible if that is the sound you like.

    I found the CA 640P phono statge to sound warmer than my Tube phono preamp, ymmv
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    I would imagine it depends on the quality of each piece. In general, I want to say the pre amp is the dominant piece and can have more of an effect on the overall sound.

    From past experiences, I found that the more pieces you had with tubes, the harder it was to find a synergy between them all. A tubed pre and SS amp always seemed to synergize better than having to match tubes between various other pieces. Just my opinion of coarse, some will like a gazillion tubes in their system. Whatever floats your boat and all that.

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