ok so ive been researching a home theater setup for over a year now and today the 1st of it came...Pioneer VSX-1121-k, CS2, PSW10, and a pair of Monitor 40 II(surrounds)...in the next couple weeks ill be buying a pair of Monitor 70 II(for my fronts), and hopefully another pair of 40s, ill be wiring with 12 awg from monoprice and banana plugs probably the biggest wire run ill have is around 30ft...(i understand 12 gauge prob isnt necessary but i wanted to any ways) Biggest question is how to connect the sub...the avr has sub 1 and 2 out and the sub has Left and Right in do i run a single rca cable from the avr(sub 1 out) to where in in the sub? Im also very intimidated by all the setting such as 80Hz for small? or large speakers? i have a copy of dve hd basics(blue ray) coming will that help break it down for me? thanks in advance! just dont want to ruin my speakers!