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    Default DSW-microPRO1000 subwoofer

    Hi All

    My wife and I decided when we bought the house that we would only have a 2channel setup in the main living room and make the basement the home theater once we had enough money to split them up. This past week, I bought a Cambridge Audio Topaz AM10 integrated amp (review coming soon) and moved the Denon 3808 AVR to the basement with the subwoofer. Upon hooking it all up, the subwoofer did not turn on.

    I called Polk Customer Service (and what great service they are). Eric (I think) walked me through a few things to make sure I explored all possibilities; and then recommended I take the back off and ship the electronics to CA. Disappointed I turned the basement lights off and went upstairs planning to start deconstruction and packaging in the morning.

    The next morning the little blue indicator light was on! I look on the back and the green LED is lit!
    I turn on the AVR and some nice low end sounds are emitted..........and then I is still plugged directly into the wall as I had tried several different outlets diagnosing yesterdays problem. Do I unplug it so it is in the power conditioner as planned? I figure I can't go through life scared to unplug my I make the move and it takes a second - but the sub comes back on.

    All is good, but I am curious.......

    Has anyone else ever experienced this?
    Would you send it back for diagnosis anyway?



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    Maybe the power conditioner handle handle the current load from the sub... I know my Monster 7000 conditioner cannot handle a load greater than 500 watts without it blowing fuses...

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