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    Default Need help: PSW505 + JVC soundbar = low bass effect

    Hello all. I'm a newbie and just purchased the PSW505 and the JVC TH-BC3 soundbar.

    I'm using the soundbar sub preout via cable and a Y-cable to go into the L/R sub input. But the bass effect while watching movies is very weak. The sub barely rattles at high volumes.

    1. What would be a preferred sub setting with this system? I don't know much about the switches/knobs on the back of the sub. I've played with them but still no huge difference.

    I'll test the sub on my friend's receiver this weekend to make sure the sub is working right.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ecasper View Post
    Thanks for the post!
    Need to sell something huh?

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    xin2013 reported

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