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    Default Just sent my Jolida into its protection mode but it seems to be OK?

    Had a little scare this morning.

    Fired up the Jolida below. Waited a couple of minutes, cranked her up some and within a minute the amp "cut out", POPPED and the red light came on. In effect it shut itself down. I checked the manual--evidently the JD-303 has a protection circuit and it claims that if you wait and the unit powers up again you're probably OK?

    I powered everything down. Turned the unit off (back switch). Disconnected the power cord, made some coffee, read a newspaper then came back upstairs and hooked everything back up after checking my connections.

    While I was checking the connections, I DID notice that a couple of the speaker terminals were NOT making complete contact with the wire. In other words, two wire ends were a little loose? I'm using 14 gauge bare copper wire back there. So I tightened everything down turned on the amp and it powered up as normal, tubes started to glow, bias indicator lights turned on one at a time. And, as far as I can tell, we're OK, fingers crossed.

    I am, by no means seasoned in the field of tubes (my first excursion BTW..made sometime last year). But I am assuming that the loose wires may have been the culprit because the amp cut out as I tried to increase its power!

    What say you tube guys? I know you're NOT supposed to turn a tube amp on if it is not connected to speakers so I was a little nervous when I saw my wires were a bit loose!

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    Everything you said is correct, first connect then power on, and that's from VERY old school. Sorry this happened to you but it sounds like you escaped the grim reaper. I no longer have any bare copper connections and it's not because of any sonic purity debate but it is the result of some near misses and some blown gear. As I am a bit older now my eyes are not as keen as they one were and it's difficult seeing those fine little hair-like strands of wire, especially on the busy backside of a receiver. Also some speaker placements make it challenging to get into position for the connection. Spades and Bananas for me and I just opened a new box of MIT's from Joe and really like all the mechanical connections...I can see them.
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