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    Default Help with remote

    We are trying to program our Direct TV remote. Volume up programmed correctly, but we can't get volume down,
    Mute, or power to program? Any ideas?

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    I don't use my Direct Tv Remote for Volume... The Direct TV people couldn't help you...They should be able to help you I think.... Well,maybe not. :)

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    Hello Amy,
    I'm assuming you have a Polk SurroundBar, correct? If so you can't use a Direct TV remote to program it because those kinds of remotes send multi-language
    commands and the Polk can't learn those. But, if you use the remote that comes with your TV the Polk will then be able to respond to the Direct TV remote. So the first step is to erase the memory of the Polk by placing it into the standby mode so the LED is amber colored. Then touch the "learn" button until the LED blinks twice. This will erase any false commands. Now use the TV's remote to program the Polk and the Polk will then work with the Direct remote.
    Regards, Ken

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