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    Default collection of multiple sets of speakers

    Hello ,Once again my imagination has gotten the better of me and was wondering how some of you guys do it.First off my situation is a full 1 bdrm apt where so far vol of any kind is no factor because for the many months they haven't been able to rent the place so no neighbors. So I'm able to air out any of the 3 speaker systems at any time.
    The question to you more the collector types how do you juggle your speakers and not necessarily decide which sytem to use but when collecting knowing how to change up and use your different finds and or purchases.I do know of speaker selectors and was wondering if this is the way to go.As most of you know by now I have better than entry level gear but maybe not the best brands ever made. w/ garage sale season coming up I still might be on the hunt for that pair of speeks that has eluded me do either because of financial reasons or they have not just come up either in good shape or out of the ball park$ wise.So how do you guys utilize multiple speakers w/ a limited amount of systems. I'm almost postive more speakers are in my future and just maybe 2 of my old time favorites would be OHM/WALSH 2XOS or ESS Heils AMT1s w/ the radiater tweeter array.For whatever reason growing up these 2 systems left a good lasting impression w/ me and just maybe it will be in the cards.Right now the Bose 601s are on zn 2 of the Yamaha RX-V665,the Klipsch h/d 500s are zone 1 again w/ the Yamaha and the Infinitys are w/ the Adcom gfa555 and the pre-amp as my 2chl system.Oh by the way all the systems are in the same room if that has any bearing on anything.
    2chl- Adcom 555- NAD 1020a pre- JVC-QL-A200 tt- Denon 1940 ci cdp- Samson - 9 outlet- Niles - 6 zone spkr selector- DCM TF 350s- ADC 303ax- KLH 331- Polk Audio '87 SDA 2Bs w/ ic cable (Dynamat extreme, black hole-5- Mills 0.5 resistor, liquid nails, RDO- 194 tweeters, Larry's rings, Armaflex gaskets, stained walnut tops )

    H/T- Toshiba au40" flat- Yamaha RX- V665 avr- YSD-11 Dock- I-Pod- Klipsch #500HD Speaker set- Sony ce 375 5 disc carosel cdp-

    Nikko 6065 receiver- JBL J2060

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    Have you seen that show "Horders" ?

    All in one room ? Don't see the point really. Why not just buy better gear that does both music/HT well for one system ? Having all those speakers might be good for trips down memory lane, but some things should remain in the past. Chicks dig well organized/focused men.....from what I can tell anyway. long as your happy thats all that matters. Life is too short to worry about what others think. Personally, I never had more than one system in a room but my biggest system had to be the SRT'S with 3000p's and FX1000'S bringing up the rear. Took up alot of real estate. Couldn't imagine trying to cram 2 more systems in that room. The sound waves would be terrible with the more stuff in a room.

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    It's not home, the N.W. will do for now


    Banana plugs, and please watch your language.
    Draggn' knee is exhilarating, 150mph wheel standers are pretty cool too

    Home Theater-7.2
    Display-SamsungPN64D8000 | Receiver-Onkyo TX-NR807 | Source-OPPOBDP-103 | Amplifiers-Emotiva; XPA-2 x2, XPA-3 | Speakers: PolkAudio; mains-RTiA9, rears-RTiA9, center-CSiA6, surrounds-FXiA6 | Sub-Epik Empire x 2 | Interconnects-Emotiva

    Grado RS2i

    2 Ch Rig
    First purchase will be; a pair of ? but I'd love a pair of SDA SRS

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    It's simple. Get a house! I have a four bedroom house built in 1900 and renovated in 1978, and some renovations since then by me from 2000 when I bought it.

    We have about 2400-2500 sq. ft. And there are only three of us (my wife and daughter and yours truly). While I totally understand where Tony is coming from above. For me variety is the "spice" of life. I am NOT searching for ONE ultimate system but testing a variety of things and also going back in time to collect the goodies that I had no money to purchase during mycollege years.

    Now it can be argued that all the vintage stuff is not up to snuff. True enough, but the enjoyment the nostalgic trip back in time brings to my ears has me listening more and more to the "old" (and supposedly, inferior stuff). That old stuff is also "easier" on the ears precisely because it is NOT as good as the High Resolution stuff the wealthier among us run.

    The key is floor space and three levels and lots of "closet" space. Eventually, I plan to prune down the vintage collection once I decide what I like the best.

    So in my closets awaiting rotation: EPI 100Vs, Dynaco A25s, Monitor 10As, ADS L520s (currently my SDAs are also in there as the JBL L80ts get some time on the Jolida). Various vintage receivers and amps on a rack in my office). Currently awaiting rotation: Adcom GFA-545, 555, Onkyo P-304.

    In rotation, in addition to sig below: NAD power amp, Nakamichi pre-amp, CSW Model Six, Pioneer BDP 51. KLH 17s on a Marantz 2265 and a Technics DD TT (serve as my humble vinyl set up or now...but are often swapped out with the ADS and Yamaha CR-800).

    Large Advents, Pioneer SX-3900. Boston Acoustic A100s/CSi-3/Pioneer AVR (secondary HT) in basement. And so on.

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    Onkyo TX-SR 805 System #1 HT AVR
    Office Two Channel: LSi-7s (Nakamichi CA-5, NAD 214, Pioneer BDP51fd)
    Vintage Polks: Polk Monitor 5As, Monitor 7Bs [HK 730], Monitor 10As [Marantz 2265], SDA-2Bs [Jolida JD-303, Jolida MV-MK4]
    Headphones: HD600, Q701, ATH-M50s etc. Bravo Audio Ocean amp., Onkyo P-304, Adcom GFA-555, Technics Direct Drive TT

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    It's funny how speakers and amps tend to settle in for a while. Pretty soon every square inch of my life will be audio related. I don't see how that would too much of a problem.

    Polk Audio SDA CRS+ (4.1TL by Trey, Larry's Rings)-
    SDA SRS2-Parasound HCA1500ax2/1000
    Yamaha xa1000-Celestion SL6S presence,- sl9 surround back
    NHTsuper1's surround
    Nad2700-sub, AdcomGFA-555 -Magnepan SMG
    Parasound 1500pre- Sofia "Baby" tube amp - Monitor Audio Silver RX2
    Marantz 2230/B&Kst140- outdoor B&W/Bose/Parasound/KefC75/c40/Polksub
    Technics 1200mk2
    Gamertag: IslandBerserker
    I am but a infinitesimally small point meeting the line of infinity in the SDA universe

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    Get an adcom GFS-3 or 4 this will allow you to run 3 or 4 pair of speakers on any room pff the same amp. Ive use one for years in a 2ch. Sys with 3 pair of speakera on diff rooms. They work very well and shouldnt xost more than 50.00
    Main Rig:
    Krell KAV 250a
    McIntosh MC 2120 bi-amped
    Into JBL L123 drivers
    Rane external crossover.
    MIT exp 1 ic's
    Perreaux SA33 class A preamp
    AQ kingcobra ic's
    YAMMY CDC-665
    Marantz 6100 tt w/pickering XV-15/625E cart.
    Monster HTS 3600 power conditioner
    POLK RTA-12C'S W/ RDO194 TWEETS, clarity ESA caps mills risistors (full mod)
    MIT exps2 speaker cable

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