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    Question Home theater wall/ceiling speaker choices?

    Two simple questions, one hard one.

    1. What is the difference between the 265-LS and 265-RT (besides price)?

    2. Is there an LSi line separate from LS -- and if so, what's the difference?

    3. I'm planning on the following set of speakers for my new home, the room is about 25 feet square. Is this a good matchup within the family? Any suggestions on a better mix, or ways to lower the cost a bit? This would be for both home theater (action, sci-fi, etc.) and music (from classical to dance), with a strong desire for them to be hidden in walls and ceiling.

    Front wall: 2 x 265-LS
    Center wall (above 64" plasma): 255c-LS
    Rear ceiling: 2 x 700-LS
    Subwoofer (to be mounted in front wall, to the side, there's 18" depth available): CSW200
    Subwoofer amp: SWA500

    Thank you!

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    Apr 2012


    Wow, I know I'm new here ... but no replies at all after four days? :-(

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    Hi Mike,I hate talking to myself too,I don't think many of the members run the in ceiling speakers.You might try the customer service number at the top right of the page,polk staff has always been able to answer my questions when I have needed help.BTW welcome to the forums.Dan

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    Most the differences are laid out on the products page, along with tech specs for you to compare to. As far as lowering costs go, quality in walls are not cheap, cheaper alternatives maybe had from the likes of Dayton, but I'm not sure on the sound quality they offer as I've never heard them.

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    I have been looking at this, so although I can't call myself an expert, I can tell you what I know.

    In the Vanishing series, the LS vs. the RC use different drivers. The RC have silk dome tweeters and polymer cones that will timber match the RT series of floor standing speakers where as the LS have ring tweeters and drivers that better match the LSi and LSiM series. The LSi are Polks high end.

    The LCi are the older, high end vs. the RC and TC series. The Vanishing series is Polks newer line of inwall speakers. I believe that the LCi and the LS use the same tweeters.

    The reason I can tell you this is that I spent time on the phone with the Polk Tech Reps. They told me that I should sell the LCi-RTS-F/X speakers I bought and buy the 65f/x-RT when they come out because the RT will match my Polk RTi150 mains. (thus the ??? in my sig for my side channels) :)

    My only other comment is why have the center above the TV instead of below? It is my under standing that you'd be better off having the speakers more at ear level.

    Good luck!
    My Home Theater:
    Mains: polkaudio RTi150
    Center: polkaudio CS350LS (modified)
    Side: polkaudio 65-RT
    Back: polkaudio RC85i Rear
    Sub: SVS SB13-Plus
    Receiver: Denon 4311ci
    Sony VPL-VW60 on a 92" Draper Premier screen
    Sony 52" XBR2

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    Default Thanks for the pointers ...

    I appreciate the responses and direction. I had carefully compared the specs pages, but the difference was not explained there. I'll see if there's room for the center speaker under the TV, but I think there's not enough room between there and some built-in cabinets.
    Last edited by mikeraffety; 04-18-2012 at 09:47 PM.

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    I have the in ceiling set up and love it except for one thing. My SWA 500 just started an intermittent thump every 5 seconds. It is about 5 years old and Polk says it cannot be serviced so now I need to buy a new amp. Not very happy about this at all and am actively seeking a different amplifier. A $500+ piece of equipment should not just fail without being able to be repaired. Any ideas?

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