I'm looking for surrounds or a 5.0 or 5.1 set to go with my monitor 30's and cs2 and sub(I have monitor 50's to use for fronts but at the moment there are cat and space issues).After these issues are worked out,I would like to move these speakers into the bedroom and use the monitor 30"s for surrounds.I was looking at rm6751's or owm3's or newegg has a decent price on the rm510 package right now.I would like to stay in the 100-200 range but the 510 deal has a sub also.I keep an eye out for the energy take 5.0 package but I haven't seen it in my range yet.Any help or comments or suggestions would be appreciated.I was hoping for satellites as I don't have much room for surrounds and they would have to go on the wall in either room.I'll be using onkyo tx-sr507 if that helps with suggestions(I don't know if that has separate crossover settings for eacah speaker or not). Thanks!!