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    Default I bought a used Polk Audio system...

    Hi, I just bought a used system.

    7.1 Yamaha Reciever - rx-v2700
    PSW505 x 2
    CSi5 x 1
    Fxi5 x 2
    Rti6 x 2


    1. What happens when you run a 5.1 system on a 7.1 reciever?

    2. Should I sell one of the subs? I only have one output on the reciever. The previous owner said he used a t or a y cable to split the Subs. How does this effect the Sound?

    3. Do you guys suggest speaker stands, wall mounts or to set the speakers on a bookshelf. Is it okay to lay the front speakers on its side?

    4. for the psw505, 0 degrees or 180 degrees for the knob on the back.

    5. What should I focus on to start tuning the system.

    Thanks guys. I am a newbie.

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    Congrats and welcome to CP! You've got a nice system there, let me try and help...

    1 - Nothing, it runs in 5.1 and not 7.1, for most rooms and people, 5.1 is plenty.

    2 - No! Use both with a RCA Y-adapter, keep them at the same levels and phase, it will level out your bass and also provide 'more'.

    3 - Stands, check out the Pangea DS series, good budget stand. I think you can wall mount those with the keyholes, that will work as well, but stands will most likely sound better.

    4 - You have to experiment with placement and phase. Make sure to play something that you know, and that has some bass in it. Try both options, and figure out which one sounds better in your room with your placement.

    5 - I'll post a link to your unit below, but it looks like it as an auto-calibration, YPAO. Run that, and it should tune it for you, I'm not sure but it should have an included mic that you hook up to it. Otherwise you can do your own measurements with a tape measure and a SPL meter. Heres the link -

    Good luck, your off to a great system, let us know if you have any other questions!


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    Thanks Cody. i am pretty exicted about the system. Right now I just have the fronts hooked up and even my wife is impressed.

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    Always good to have the wife "in" with an audio project!
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    Default Sub Imput Question

    I have a SUB out on my Amp where do I insert the RCA Cable on the PSW505?

    LFE (unfiltered) or Line in Filtered (L) Insert.

    The Manual says to insert it into the LFE but the figure show "Line in Filtered" (L)

    Name:  SUB Setup picture.png
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Size:  47.8 KB

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    Unfiltered since your AVR will do the "filtering" or what more commonly referred to as a crossover. Many subs will say crossover over bypass for unfiltered.

    As for stands, I would HIGHLY recommend some solid fillable steel stands. I owned those same speakers, and I went from flimsy plant stands (bad!) to decent wood technology wood stands (much better) to premier s-26 steel stands filled with sand and lead shot (AWESOME). The stands really improve the bass response of your speakers. I didn't really believe until I heard it for myself. These are probably a decent budget option, though I do not have any experience with them:

    Have fun and good luck!

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