Just picked up a BDP-93 last week to replace my BDP-83 which is at Oppo being repaired (and soon to be up for sale when it returns), and I've been fiddling with the noise reduction settings. Normally, I'm all about sending the source as-is... but the BDP-93 does have a slightly different look to it than the 83, especially with a bit more obvious noise in dark scenes (though I'm not sure if that's closer to the source than the 83 or vice versa). Just wondering what people's experiences are with the noise reduction settings. I'm currently using 1 (which just does compression artifact reduction), and this works surprisingly well without any noticeable drawbacks that I can spot for both DVD and Blu-ray. In fact, call me crazy but it almost seems to make detail more stable for Blu-rays, which I didn't expect.