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    Default MM vs DB Tweeters

    How do the DB and MM tweeters compare? I am running MM691's in the front doors of my truck because there is no room for a sub anywhere and my system needs the bass, but there is also a factory mount on the front door for a tweeter. I would love to have some MM tweeters to match the 6x9's, but Polk only puts out DB tweeter sets. Do the DB tweeters sound very much like the ones that come with MM components? Ideally I would run the 6x9's in the back and MM6501's in the front, but I can only fit 6.5's in the back so I am stuck with 6x9 coaxials in the front (at least for now).

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    I have had both db and MM sets but I haven't done a side by side or A/B comparison of them. They are both silk so they should have a similar sound. I personally would not run an extra set of tweeters in the front unless I was able to cross the extra set at 8kHz. By running the extra set it will likely be really bright and also cause phase cancellation.
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