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    Cool Is newer better?

    I haven't been into Polk speakers for quite a while. Honestly I would like to know if the newer Polk speakers are on par with the older designs? With so many companies being sold and products being redesigned I just wondered. Is Matthew Polk still associated with the company? I am asking because I am really enjoying the monitor 10B's that I am rehabing. Would the newer designs sound that much better?

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    Matt retired within the last couple of years.

    Imo, Polk's newer offerings still sound great.
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    I think that most of Polk's contemporary offerings are better than the 10b's, but some people love ho laid back they are. I would bet they would sound even better with the RDO-194 tweeters Polk offers for them.
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    I'm one of the laid back boys who has 10As with that peerless tweeter--smooth.

    But certainly the new offerings are fine. My LSi-7s are also smooth and laid back just like their owner. And the new LSI-M series is really something special.

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    Quote Originally Posted by newrival View Post
    I think that most of Polk's contemporary offerings are better than the 10b's....
    I don't know. Polk's newest line, the LSiM's, are certainly better. Anything below that, I'd say it's a matter of preference, as those vintage Monitors sound very different from any of Polk's current speakers.

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