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    Default fixing a MM tweeter grill - is it possible to remove?

    I know this is likely a long shot, but someone accidentally dented one of my tweeter grills in the bow of my boat last summer. They're the MM6501 components. I haven't taken it out yet to check, but am wondering if you folks think it's possible to remove the grill so I can try and bend it back? My guess tells me probably not. Worst case, I'm out about $50-60 through Polk parts, but was hoping I might be able to fix it. Don't think a paperclip is likely going to do the trick. Wondering if anybody had any tips or advice. Thanks in advance.

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    I would suggest the paperclip method, but with something a little more stout than a paperclip. Pick up a cheap pick set and carefully pull the grille back out.

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