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Thread: Fixing the null

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    Default Fixing the null

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ID:	70271I've been going back and forth with my EQ for a while now, 95% of it sounds nice and balanced between the left and right. I've struggled with the 400 to 800Hz for a while now. I thought that it was more common for the null in the 400-500Hz area to be worse on the far side than the near side. I think that I hear the opposite in my car, currently I have my bands on the near side for 400 and 500Hz set at 0db. The far side sounds just about right setting those same bands at -1db each. On the far side with the 400 and 500Hz bands set any higher, it sounds like the vocals stand out above the instruments, at -1db they seem to blend really well. Bottom line it sounds much better now that I've moved to these new settings. My mistake was that I was tuning with my eyes instead of my ears

    Have you guys ever experienced anything like this? It probably has a lot to do with speaker aiming and the interior of the car, and how far the speakers are down on the door panel.
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    400-500 hz is a woofer issue. If you have an spl meter, or an spl app on your phone, use the test tones to see which side is hotter in the 300-600 range. You will know you have this range right once your imaging gets clearer. Fundamentals and early harmonics of a lot of instruments and vocals are in this range

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