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    Default Projector question

    Hey I am looking to set up an outdoor system to watch movies on. I was thinking of putting everything in a portable
    cabinet so i can move in and out of house or shed. I have an old Kenwood av amp, old RCA suround sound speaker
    system and old DVD player. This thing isn't going to be pretty but effective to watch movies on when the wife, kids and I are outside on patio by fire so I am looking for a fairly cheap projector.
    I'll probable spend more than it's worth but wife came up with idea and I thought why not. I was looking at EPSON
    because thats the brand I am used to seeing, what ya guys think?

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    Epson is popular because they have a few that are highly rated but generally win in the cheaper department. They also lean toward very bright as in more lumens. The idea sounds good but need to decide what you are going to project on. If it's outside you might consider painting a screen. I personally have zero experience with this but have heard it done.

    I have shopped at Projector Central before. If you are looking for a cheap projector they have a great variety of used projectors from sellers across the United States. They also have a terrific review page so it's a great place to start. One seller has a used Epson 720 for a couple hundred bucks right now which is a good deal. That's a very popular projector if you don't want to spend a lot of cash. That's probably the way to go if it were me- you can abuse it for a few years and replace.

    If you don't want a used one you can check out the Optoma HD66 which is a bit brighter but more expensive.

    I hope that helps and best of luck.

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    Agree with hockeyboy. Paint a screen using Goo or making one will be the easy and cheap way to go about it. As for projector and since it's outdoors you may consider something from Benq since they get plenty bright. The good thing about buying a projector is buying one you can use indoors. Once the wife sees a good picture, you'll want one indoors for sure.

    Here are a few projectors that should be great outdoors.

    Outdoor screen this cheap, just buy it.
    Shoot the jumper.....................BALLIN.............!!!! !

    Home Theater Pics in the Showcase

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