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    Dec 2010
    Central NC

    Thumbs down Missing my 2.3TL?s!

    The big rig is down while I construct some built ins that?ll clean up the alcove on that side of the fireplace by putting some AC filtering equipment into a cabinet, and creating better shelving for the CD?s we have.

    I also, want to create additional space for future music purchases, so there?s that too. The other issue is I sent my amp back to the manufacturer for some upgrades: convert it from a stereo to a dual mono, which, with other mods he's doing is supposed to triple current delivery.

    Been down for a week, looks like it?ll be another 2 at least!
    "Science is suppose to explain observations not dismiss them as impossible" - Norm on AA; 2.3TL's w/sonicaps/mills, polyswitches removed, Lg Solen inductors, RD-0198's, MW's dynamatted, Armaflex speaker gaskets, H-nuts, brass spikes, Cardas CCGR BP's, upgraded IC Cable, Black Hole Damping Sheet strips installed on back wall behind MW's & Tweeters, interior of cabinets sealed, AI-1 interface with 1000VA A-L transformer

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    Hang in there buddy. Bust out the drum kit and brush up on your chops!

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