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    Default Todays Thrift score score.. Tube Amp :)

    Picked up a nice working Viscount (never heard of) model tf 2220 integraded tuba amp tuner and a pair of cerwin vega L-7 speakers for $5.00 each.. anyone familiar with this amp?
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    Nice find. Practically free at $5 a piece lol.
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    Kind of looks like it could be a similar design to my Sansui 1000A
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    Or even more like the Sansui 500, I think. Also quite similar to the Japanese-made Radio Shack and Lafayette receivers of the mid-1960s.
    One may peruse the former at (look around 1964 to 1966). Some of the Lafayettes of that timeframe were made by Kenwood (TRIO); others... who knows?


    who knows?

    I think some of the inexpensive Japanese receivers of the mid-1960s may have been made by Rotel/Martel.

    Nice pickup for five smackers; it will need some attention "for best results"

    EDIT: ooh, yeah! Take a look at the Radio Shack "Realistic" branded STA-30 receiver on page 9 of I think that's the same receiver with a different name on it; what do you think?
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    Now that's a nice score. I often think about scouring such places in case I get lucky

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