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    Default Lanzar Power Cap

    Hey folks,

    Im nearly finshed my install now and its sounding really sweet.

    But im stuck on something and its really confusing me.

    Ive bought a used Lazar Opticap 500 (50 farad) capicitor and i cant get it to work at all. The cap itself is charging fine and its puting out a constant steady voltage. But i cant get it to switch on, so its not giving out a remote signal to the amps and thus the caps voltage display or meter doesnt work. Ive checked all wiring and there is a remote signal going into it, but not out obviously.

    What does confuse me is the fact that it says its a 16v cap???? my car only gives out around 14.3v when engine is running, is this the problem?? what car systems run on higher 16v currents?? surely the cap should work at this voltage?


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    Why do you want/need a cap? Just being nosy.

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    Caps help out with dimming lights if you are at the borderline. Example, if your lights are dimming and your alternator is just a tiny bit too weak for your system, a Cap will help. If there is any serious deficiency then a Cap will not do much.

    Caps also can increase SQ by acting something like a power conditioner filtering out noise and maintaining a constant voltage. However, noise won't matter for subs-you can't hear noise that low unless it is REALLY bad.

    It sounds like you don't have dimming lights so you don't really need the Cap. There most likely won't be any significant audible difference.
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    Check your wiring, if its hooked up as lanzar specifys it should pop on anytime voltage has been raised ( by starting the car) if the display always shows nothing, well you may have the polaritys reveresed as well, and if it still ain't work, take it out and leave it out until you need it, and even then just keep it out! Get an optima battery and upgrade alternator with a mechman unit, youl never need a cap again!

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