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    Default Living Room Build: Stage 1

    Hello Forums,

    I'm completing stage 1 of my living room setup. Here is a quick summary of the stages:
    1. Audio Infrastructure
    2. Curtains & Seating
    3. Projector
    4. HTPC
    5. Additional 40" & 60'ish" TV
    6. Upgrade to a motorized screen

    Unfortunately, my condo's living room has a few less-than-ideal permanent features:
    • Left wall isn't a straight line.
    • Left wall is made of glass.
    • Rear wall, floor, and ceiling are concrete.
    • Right wall & rear wall do not meet; this is the "door way."
    • Front wall is a shared wall with the neighbor.

    The geometry & composition of the walls make me find surround sound systems unattractive for both appearance & sound. Since I am not considering a surround sound system, I put together what I guess is a nice stereo setup. Here are the components I decided to purchase:
    • Onkyo TX-NR709 (bi-amping & multiple hdmi out)
    • Polk Audio RTi A3 (bi-amping)
    • Polk Audio CSi A4
    • Reconditioned Technics SL-BD??

    Would a speaker bar provide just as good (or better) sound performance for TV, Movie, and Music listening?

    I purchased a Sanus NF 18 stand for the A3 speakers. Looks like it will be fairly secure (as long as nothing bumps into it). I'm considering placing the stands in the corners to provide nice separation from the center channel & protect the speakers from 2 directions. Acoustically, is this a bad idea?

    I hope to post some pictures soon!

    Kind Regards,

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    Good luck with build. Ive never used a bar type speaker but the bookshelves should be ok in the corner. I wouldnt recommend big towers stuck in a corner. Ialways thought bookshelf speakers are made to perform with limited space so should be ok. If nothing else leave a little wire and experiment with them. Again good luck!!
    living room
    96 inch optoma hd20
    onkyo bd808 blue ray
    rtia9 fronts
    rtia3 highs
    csia6(2) center
    fxia6 sur
    21 active cerwin vega
    onyko txnr3007
    sun sig 425x5
    apc conditioner

    lg 50 ich led
    onkyo txnr808
    lsi15 sub mod and xover by vr3
    sub pl200

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    I think day-to-day sound-wise would be fine with a sound bar. If you want the serious movie impact, place your speakers carefully and have your sub dialed in. Your conditions may be unique and any one type of setup will not work for all. move a few things around and listen to what you like and are familiar with.

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