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    I have been a member for some time now and this is my first post. I read much more than I post. IMHO the Monitor line is a great product. I think my ears outgrew the sound. I have been back and forth on my next move and have settled on a pair of LSI9's. I am going shift my living room system from a full compliment of 70's 40's and a CS2 to a two channel room. We no longer watch movies in this room so I am hoping to find a home where they will be better utilized. I heard a set of LSI's years ago and thought they sounded superb. I will put the LSI9's through the paces and if the shift works out as I suspect I plan to also shift my HT from monitors to LSI15's and a set of (or a single) LSI9's as a center. I found the LSIC slightly less than impressive. I had been back and forth between RTI9's and LSI15's for sometime now. Research seems to suggest that the RTI line is a bit bright and the LSI's a smidge more laid back. I find the Monitors on the bright side so logic would seem to dictate the LSI line would suit my ears a bit better.

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    I've loved my LSi9/7/center setup for a years now... I guess i'm biased, but with a solid amp behind them, I don't think you could go wrong with either!

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