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    Default Polk 703 vs Paradigm studio 20

    Anyone been able to compare the two. I love my 703's but have hear some good reviews on the 20's, Anyone have some input on the paradigm's?

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    im not the best judge here. i have paradigms. they work very nice for my needs on home theater. ive owned lots. they make a vnice speaker.....never compared the both of them to each may be something you have to listen to yourself to meet your needs....ive listened to many at N.E hi-fi and i own several now. good luck on you decission
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    Having heard the new LSIM's at audio meets, I can honestly say the ones I have heard (floorstanders) absolutely rocked. Polk did a very good thing. I am also a long-term owner of Paradigm Studio Reference 20v3's. You will need about 400 hours for the tweeters to break-in and settle down, and then they are a fantastic speaker for music. I own LSi9/7's in my HT and I would take the Paradigms for music reproduction over either of those. The Paradigms work very well with tubed gear. Having heard some of the other LSIM's and also having just heard the Paradigm 20v5, I would expect this to be a tough decision.
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    I would like to chime in. I had the opportunity to own the paradigm studio 20s(broken in since it was demo unit ) and also have the Lsi9 side by side. The first thing I noticed was how bright the studio 20's were. There was almost no warmth to the music, vocals were forward as well. Having hard floor exacerbated this issue somewhat further. Mind you it was'nt as if the details were there, it was just too bright for me. Once I switched to the Lsi9, my ears took a break. Sure there were ranges where it was more recessed, some deficiencies in the mids, but after a while, things became more detailed and inviting. I could sit down for quite a while with the Lsi9s. I had the Digm's for 1.5 months and at the end of the audition I kept my Polk. I was lucky I could sell the Digm's to a fellow Bay Area close to the price I purchased. Anyway while this is not an LSiM to Digm comparision but IMO, the polks just have a sweeter high end. I heard good things about the Paradigm Signature series but those are on a difference price level.

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    Read the write up Mantis10 did when he had the 703's on demo. He compared them to the 20's.

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