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    Default Any youth soccer fans on CP?

    My daughter and her team played in the Indiana Challenge Cup at Carmel Indaina this past weekend (U11 girls ).
    They are ranked #1 in the standings and advance to the semi game next month June 8-10.
    I didn't get to see them play but they had one hell of a weekend, first game 3-0, 2nd 6-1 and 3rd 4-1. The total team goals stand at 13 with my daughter scoring 7 of those, six of her points came from break away runs up the field and 1 came from her own corner kick which she bent the ball into goal. In the 6-1 win she scored 4 points before
    she was move dto defender from her normal forward pos. She is right handed but is deadly with left foot.

    Her team is the only U11 girls team to go to semi finals from that weekends Challenge cup.

    Just thought I'd share with ya all!!

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    I coached youth soccer for many years. My sons team ( I was not the Coach) won the US National Championships 2 times. It is a wonderful time to be a parent. Enjoy it to the max because it goes by quick.
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    Overzealous parents swearing and fighting with each other. Other parents trying to relive the glory days thru their kids, most of whom, if the truth be known, don't even want to play. No thanks. Don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with being proud of your children and their accomplishments, if you do it in a mature manner. Best of luck to your Daughter and her teammates.

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    I coached girls soccer (my daughter's teams) for five years, U12-u17, and coached the all star travel team two of those years.

    The happiest I was watching her play was the last year she played and I wasn't coaching, it was nice sitting on the sidelines just watching the game.

    Congrats to your daughters team!!!!
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