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    Default Cheap TT upgrades/tweaks

    So about 6 months ago Travis (TNHNDYMAN) gave me a Technics SL-B3 turntable. I enjoy using it and its pretty easy for a dummy like me. I am wanting to see what kind of tweaks/enhancements can be made to make it perform better that are low cost/cheap options (say under 100 per).

    Here are a couple things I have considered

    1. I know I can upgrade the cartridge from what its got which is a AT11E but I don’t know what I should upgrade too.

    2. I am also aware that it’s a light TT so its prone to having skip issues due to moving around. I was debating building a sand filled isolation box with a floating cutting board with the TT sitting on it out of some 2x6 lumber to hopefully help (and it wouldnt be super expensive). I read somewhere that if your using sand to not use the sand for sandboxes but some other type of sand (that doesnt have smooth edges IIRC) any thoughts on that?

    3. I also had debated adding some dynamat to the inside plastic shell to weigh it down a bit more.

    Anyone else have some tips on the cheap to help make it look/sound better that don’t break the bank? I would love to hear if its easy to remove the current ground & RCA plugs to use some better wire and connectors if that’s something a newb could do….
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    Get some decent headshell wires from LP Gear, a Shure M97xe cart or Orotofon 2M Red cart, buy good records unlike myself and my garage sale finds, try some racquetballs cut in 1/2 for isolation.

    Mount on a decent wall style shelf screwed into the studs. Invest in a record cleaning machine.

    PS- I have the 2 carts, but the rest are things I keep meaning to try but don't get around to. So report back your findings and save me some effort will ya?

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    A very effective tweak is to stuff the underside with non-hardening modeling clay (plasti-clay). I did this with my Dual turntable and the sound quality noticeably improved. You can probably stuff between 5 and 10 lbs in there. Make sure not to get in the way of any moving parts or electronics.

    A second important thing is to make sure your records are washed. Well washed albums make a huge difference.

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    +1 on the washing. I got a Spin Clean Record Washer. Appx $80. I know there are systems that cost alot more, but the Spin Clean does a nice enough job for me. You can hear the difference.

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