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    Default Surroundbar 3000 Sub Banging

    Hi there,
    it's already some time that I am using the Soundbar 3000.
    Everything works fine, but from time to time, unexpectedly, the Sub just "Bangs".
    It happens with no regular timing or other.
    Can happen once a day or a couple of times in 1 hour.
    Any hints about it ?

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    Are you running it at very high volume when this occurs? If so it's just bottoming out. Lower your volume to the sub.

    Or is the sub just idling when it happens. If it happens when idling then it is receiving an RF signal that makes it "think" it should make the sound that you hear. Unfortunately, the FCC allows all kinds of noise on the band that the subs use. Nothing can be done about it.

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    I am not using the audio at high volumes, so I fear it has to do with RF signals...
    Thanks for your help :)

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