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Thread: Anthem ARC

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    Default Anthem ARC

    So I recently bought the MRX300 that PolkFarmBoy was selling. Listened to it for a few days casually, and could tell that the amplification and digital processing was superior to my Onkyo NR5003... Maybe not as powerful as the Onkyo, but just had a bit more sparkle to it.
    Well, I ran ARC this morning, and didn't have time to run it multiple times to optimize speaker placement, so I just went with the first calculations it gave me. I had a huge low end bloom over 10db in certain bass frequencies, which ARC indicated it could fix. After uploading the measurements, and doing some casual-critical listening, all I can say is that ARC really is all that!
    Tight, clear, detailed, and unveiled! I have drunk the Anthem kool-aid, and I am on board! Amazing!
    To anyone considering the Anthem receivers, they are really fantastic!

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    I agree with you on the sparkle, If I never had invested in MIT ic's and an amp and had heard the MRX before the AVM then I would have been content. The MRX is great value as far as quality sound is concerned. Most people say it does not have enough fancy features but you could go buy a squeezbox touch and a power amp and still come out way on top

    I am glad you got ARC up and running with no problems. Did you get the file from Anthem or was the disk I gave you still working because I for sure thought it was wiped. It is nice when ARC shows you a graph of whats wrong with the room and what was done to correct it. I shifted some chairs around and stuff like that and could see the effect it was having towards the target response... very cool

    Anyways take your time as I said with the keyspan adapter I borrowed you and play around until you have nailed every last drop of performance out of it and have fun doing so

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    Yeah I really like quality room correction, I haven't used ARC but have heard great things about it. You will never get the best quality out of your system without something to deal with your room. The differences aren't small ether. Once you run it correctly and with the settings you want and everything is all dialed in you get a large upgrade in sound quality.

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    Agreed. After using the pioneer and audyssey room correction, I always thought of room correction as being a tad on the gimmicky side of things. ARC is different!

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